One-Minute Survey

Would you be so kind as to answer these basic questions below, to the best of your knowledge?

One-Minute SURVEY:

1. How much homeowners insurance coverage do you need?

2. If a homeowner accidentally causes damage to their home,  is the damage covered by the homeowner policy?

3. Is mold covered under a homeowners insurance policy? 

4. “Replacement Cost” refers to which of these in a homeowners policy?

5. What percent of the time do premiums go up when people file a claim?

6. Are roof leaks covered by your homeowners insurance? 

7.  Can I get a new roof after storm damage?

8. Do you have any of the following insurance policies on your home?

9. What type of policy do you have?

10. Do you know what type of deductible you have?

11. “Full replacement cost” still applies depreciation to the loss payment?

12. If floods aren’t covered,  but your basement floods from a pipe break, are you covered?

13. Have you read your current Homeowners policy?

We would like to thank you for providing us with useful information, in helping us to best serve you.